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Looking forward to seeing more of you online (in the academic sense of the word) and learing some new tricks.

Dear Ewan,

I'm sure this will be a learing experience for us all.

The blog looks fab Joe! Looking forward to spending some time (why is the summer term so manic?)checking out the articles on the right.

Cheers Ruth,

I'm really glad I've finally got everything in the same place at last. As a starting point, you may want to have a look at the my link on the right. I've included a lot of my favourite websites there.

I set up the blog last weekend and it really didn't take too much time. Sorting out all the links, customising the section headings and making the text fit properly on the page was the most time-consuming bit. The Typepad Help section was invaluable for troubleshooting as was Ewan with his equally helpful emails.

Maybe the next thing to do is set up a Nodehill blog for our pupils to present their work? Could be cool. Have you thought about doing the same in Dorset?

Not missing an opportunity for self-promotion, here are two susbstantial websites containing lots of useful information and links relating to ICT and modern foreign languages:

ICT for Language Teachers:
A very popular site that gets around 1000 hits per day. 16 ICT training modules plus an extensive Glossary of Terminology and a Resource Centre. Updated every week.

Graham Davies's Favourite Websites:
My personal list of 300-plus sites related to languages and language learning and teaching:
Updated every week.

Welcome as always Graham!

What took you so long?

Hi Joe,

I have thought about setting up a blog with the pupils at Cranborne ... in fact, that was how I started writing my own blog back in February. I've started experimenting with a wiki with the pupils - you can see some very early examples of what a few Year 8s have done at I was hoping that it was something our partner school might get involved in also. I'm sure my pupils would read with interest what yours write ... same age and all that.

Great site Joe! I can see that I will be spending a lot of time here!

Thanks Esther,

Have you thought about putting a blog on Atantot? That would be great.

We've started a link with a school in Brittany this year and I think a blog could help in reinforcing it. At present we are sending letters which is great, but I think a blog would be more immediate.

Your virtual exchange project with a high school in Germany sounded interesting. A blog could help there too.

See link:

Here is the link to the 'Exchanging sound files between schools' article by Chris Tetley from Wycliffe College which I've already posted on the blog.

Having played around with my mp3's voice recording function recently I can see how making and sending sound files between schools could be very good for helping language practice and encouraging cultural exchange.

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