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Hi Joe - how's it going, I have used your videoconference with Sylvia Tolisano as an example in a post today on Flashmeeting - I have now got booking rights thanks to Jeff Howson and the team. I tried it out on 20th with 2 friends from NZ who were very impressed and can now book their own videoconferences as well. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the link to Edublogs - we're always trying to provide the best blogging service we can for educators - with many of the other features you mention (slideshare, flickr etc.) all completely integrated.

Thanks for the mention Paul. I'll be seeing Jeff and John at the eTwinning conference in Nottingham on 1st June-3rd June 2007.

Here are the details:

You can sign up here:

Best wishes


Thank you for inviting me to participate in your professional development session. The best part is experiencing first hand what we are trying to transmit to our students: Global Collaboration & Learning. I hope we can continue collaborating by involving teachers and students we work with.
Greetings from Florida/USA

I hope to meet you in Nottingham - fingers crossed - I finally listened to the audio file great to hear from your Nodehill Bloggers - thanks for the tip on Assignment Podcast - I will be using that in my presentation to staff on podcasting on Thursday...

This is a great overview of the many ways that we as educators can support and extend learning using "new technology" - I've just started that journey and in a month I've been so excited by the possibilities. I have put a link to your blog on my blog, which is part of the Haringey "Transformation Teachers Programme", so hopefully lots of our teachers will be able to be inspired by your site. Thanks. Susan

Thank you for all these lovely comments. Let's keep the conversation going ...

Joe, thanks for dropping by and sharing these links! Hey are you in New Zealand? I think I recognize that stadium you're standing in in your photo!

Take care,
Miguel Guhlin
Around the

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your comment. I'm not from New Zealand. I live on the Isle of Wight in England. The stadium shot is Stamford Bridge where Chelsea FC play their football. The photo was taken at the SSAT Lead Practitioner Induction Meeting in June 2006.

Hi, Joe.

I visit your blog from time to time, and read all of your posts with great interest. However,I struggle with the concept of using Web 2.0 in my Spanish classrooms, and its actual value in learning a MFL. Thus, I present here my dilemmas, which, perhaps, you, Joe, or your readers can provide support/insight:

1. Using such things as wikis, Podcasts, and blogs with non-native speakers of a MFL seems contrived to me, i.e. a blog for posting student work, a wiki for a culture project, a podcast for presenting commericals. These are perhaps fun and engaging ways for students to present their work. However, unless I am partnered with, say, a classroom in Spain and working with native Spanish-speakers, then the use of such tools does not seem very purposeful and authentic to me.

2. Using a cell phone to text-message verb conjugations from one student to an other in the classroom may be a fun and novel technique, but, does it really enhance the learning of those verbs?

In any event, the question I ask is: Why?

Hi Miss Profe,

Great comment!

For me, Web 2.0 tools and teaching modern foreign languages fit perfectly together because they help pupils learn and communicate by using different skills.


podcasts: listening, speaking and writing (if they prepare a script)

blogs: writing and reading

wikis: writing

By publishing their work on the web we are creating new opportunities for it to be accessed away from the classroom and therefore to a real audience.

If the audience includes native speakers then they can leave comments in the target language which I believe the pupils find very motivating as they like meeting new people.

Moreover, pupils are using this type of technology already in their free time and therefore I think as teachers we should think of ways of integrating Web 2.0 tools into our practice.

In my experience, the learning benefits and motivation outweigh the concern that what they are doing may be seen by some as artificial. Blogs and podcasts do create communities which potentially can grow and grow. Given time, these communities will include native speakers as passive readers or as commentators.

If you have a link with a partner school, your native speaker audience is ready made and you don't need to build one up gradually which makes life easier.

As for cellphones, I think they have huge potential, but we have to think how we can use them safely within the classroom, particularly if we are going to use them to record audio or video

So in short, do Web 2.0 tools enhance their learning? Yes they do and yes we should be using them!

What does everyone else think?

Thank you, Joe, for your detailed and sensitive response, i.e. thank you for not whopping me over the head for asking the question.:)

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