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hmmm. Is it me or is it a little complicated? I can see lots of use at secondary but ...I don't know it is definately something to think about. Thank you again for explaining it all.

Hi Jo,

Oh dear. The intention was not to confuse! I suggest you have a look at the ASSIGNMENT: Podcast video tutorials first to learn how to make a podcast and then go from there. Get in touch if you get stuck.

A great tutorial Joe,
We currently use Podomatic to host all of our podcasts... just haven't got around to popping it into itunes yet.... but we're on holidays here in NZ for 2 weeks so I can put it on my "to do list".

Thank you again Joe - Paul Harrington has just messaged as well - off to do my homework on podcasting then. (grumble mutter whinge) lol Jo

First and foremost THANK YOU!

To paraphrase earlier comments -
'Well I did my homework and you were right - it was much easier than I thought. So Monika (8) and Lexie (4) have their first podcasts at
I will definately do this some more and start collecting/making little soundfiles with the class.

But I am still not 100% convinced this is going to be as useful in a Primary MFL classroom as in Secondary. For example, with KS3,4,5 students I would be very happy to focus on listening skills in this way and I know they use MP3 players (only 2 children in our school have one, both year 6) and would be motivated by the technology. But at Primary I personally prefer MFL learning to be more organic -integrated into the full curriculum; grabbing 10 mins during the Numeracy hour to do our mental maths warm-ups in French; learning the order of planets in Science in target language; reading 'le petit chaperon rouge' as part of Literacy etc. In this way blogging also fits in very well as the computers are always available around the classroom for children working on different things at different paces to use when appropriate - the aim being that they choose when and what is appropriate. Blogging enables the children to be penpals/work on joint international projects without using email. (Important due to the security issues we have with young children having their own email accounts and the staffing involved - whereas one blog with lots of comments is a lot easier to keep an eye on.)

But my concern with things like podcasts is - can the same/similar can be achieved in other ways(ie. old fashioned tape recordings or 'real' foreign child-friendly websites/partner schools (skype etc) for specific listening work? If so, then is it taking the thunder from Secondary schoolteachers? If we are to continue motivating students after KS3 in MFL then I would have thought that 'keeping something back' in terms of technology until then might be a consideration. It is just my opinion of course and I am really enjoying trying out all these new techniques (well new to me anyway) but I don't know. What do you think?

Hi Jo,

I didn't mind your comment at all. I think it's great that you are willing to show a leap of faith and try out these new ideas. No doubt other people were feeling the same, anyway.

As for podcasting at primary. I think there is definitely a place for it. Have a look at what Woodhill Primary are doing for a start:

Blogging is a great way to start. This video really inspired me the other day:

Paul Harrington is doing great work with blogging with his primary pupils.

I'm delighted you are finding the blog useful, by the way. That's great. Do you know Chris Fuller? He works in Devon too at Edgehill College. Have you heard about his Euro 2008 project? Here is the link:

Best wishes


Wow, Joe this is really comprehensive and thanks for your input on Sunday night at the Oz/NZ teachers meeting. I have used podomatic for all our podcasts up until a couple of weeks ago. I just found that if I wanted to embed them in my blog, it put my whole play list up and not the individual podcast that I wanted for the specific topic of that blog. So I have had a go at gcast now. However, that is blocked at school. Have you found a way with podomatic where its player will just play a selected cast.

Hi Anne,

There are various players you can add to a blog to play individual mp3 files. All you need is the direct link from Podomatic.

To get this, just right click the download link for the mp3 file you want to play, select Properties and then copy that link.

Then you could embed Windows Media Player or the Dew player to play it.

Read this post for more information about WMP:

and one of the comments from this post:

Hope that helps.


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