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I only joined Twitter 3 months ago and although I don’t tweet a lot I already rely heavily on my fellow MFL Twitterati to keep me informed, to make me reflect, to give me motivation, to trigger inspiration, to make me laugh, to keep me very busy really... and I only follow about 20 people properly!

And I'm relying on Twitter - and the MFL Twitterati to spread the word that my blog ¡Vámonos! has moved to
Lisa xx
aka @lisibo

I joined Twitter in the summer of 08 and didn't really get it, until I went to the Isle of Wight conference, met 2 of the people I followed plus a whole lot more, and since then, it has honestly transformed my teaching life. I find the ideas and links fantastic, the support and advice invaluable and the humour an essential part of my evening! These people are no longer names on a page, I consider them friends and I would not be where I am without them.

This is really useful -and surprising Joe :) I thought I knew lots of the "MFL Twitterati" but there are many more on your list that I can now follow and benefit from their varied expertise - thanks!

I have been on twitter now for well over a year and it is a phenomenal place - cpd, virtual support, and the best bit is when we actually meet up in real life!

I started on Twitter on 13th February 2008-just over 2 years ago-and this is the best thing I have ever done for my career (and professional sanity!)Twitter is the best mfl staffroom in the world with positive encouraging inspiring teachers willing to share and help. Joining Twitter is a great way to ensure all languages teachers are not isolated at a time when most languages departments are shrinking. Do join the conversation!!

Thank you everyone for your comments. It's brilliant to see such wonderful reflections.

In this context, Twitter really is like an awesome MFL staffroom where everyone is willing to share so many of their ideas and so much of their time to support one another 24/7. Incredible!

Like Amanda, joined Twitter then didn't use for months. Got poked out of my shell with a sharp stick by @wizenedcrone and wd recommend to anyone who wants a supportive network, lots of ideas and really international perspectives
Barbara Harper

Any reason why you've made this a UK list? :) Maybe we should make a world-wide one as well!

I joined Twitter on Christmas Eve in 2007! It's really been worth it and has changed my teaching life. Like Amanda many of my fellow Twitters are now friends and I couldn't do without them.

I joined the Twitterati a couple of weeks ago. The help and support of MFL colleagues has transformed my life. So many doors of opportunity and interest have opened - don't know how I ever managed beforehand!

I joined Twitter in April 2009 and have made the most amazing language teacher contacts from all over the world. I have been able to collaborate with other German teachers/classes which is super-motivating for me and my students.

Being able to follow conferences that are taking place world-wide through people's tweets is also fantastic.

P.s. I second Penny's suggestion about the world-wide language teachers list :)

I find Twitter to be one of the main source of advice. Recently spoke to people about ideas for an interview and it's great for checking if people have tried out sites/resources and their feedback on them. Love it!


Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Just to clarify, I've made a UK only list to encourage British teachers in particular to get into Twitter and to make it a more manageable and less time-consuming task.

There's no reason why we can't make another list of language teachers from other countries. That would be awesome.


Hi Joe

I have been toying for ages with the idea of putting together a worldwide list for language teachers. A UK list like yours is obviously open for anybody to follow but our World Languages colleagues will know that we may be talking about UK exam boards and National Curriculum issues. I subscribe to a wide range of languages blogs, lists & NINGs and I have learnt so much from it but it is useful to have "local" lists as well for the specifics. Need to work on that list now... Bear with me!!


Hi Isabelle,

That's great news! Feel free to use my wiki if it helps!

I joined Twitter in June 2008. To start with, I did not see what I could do with it. It has helped me to communicate with teachers from all over the world, compare ideas etc. It has helped me meet inspirational people and therefore has provided me with new ideas to develop my teaching.

Thanks for your comment Marie-France. Twitter is such as a great collaborative tool, isn't it!

That's a great list, I'll keep an eye on it - I'm not an MFL teacher, but a lot of the kind of stuff that is there can easily be adapted for ESOL.

As for Twitter - I've found that it's re-awakened my interest in loads of things... just can be a little TOO addictive

Thanks for your comment Phil. I agree there are many parallels between the MFL and ESOL community and we should continue sharing in the way we have been for years already.

Lists help people to get started, and like anything you get out of Twitter what you put in

You have to moderate your own use of course and not check updates obsessively.You also need to be smart with your time by using a desktop client such as TweetDeck to help you be more organised and filter good content from noise.

Thanks for dropping by and see you on Twitter!

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