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Blimey, Joe! No wonder you "went dark" on Twitter for the last week or two! That's MASSIVE!

Thanks a lot for all the detailed tips - although I have started tiptoing gingerly into Posterous blogging, will look forward to doing so with much more confidence and verve now! And there was me wondering what to do over the Easter holidays (apart from hassle Clegg and Gove... ;)

Thanks for the feedback Alex. It took me four days to write this post and ages researching, but I hope I've made the instructions clear so there are no excuses for people not to try it out if they feel so inclined!

Just shout if you get stuck. Happy Easter!

Will do! Cheers ;)

Joe I recently set up a posterous group for a class but the school won't allow them access on the network due to possible unsuitable content. Do you have any ideas on what I could say to convince them to allow access? Thanks!

Thanks Joe for your comprehensive post! I have really liked that you have spent time on describing the set up. And thank you too for bringing forward again Jen's work with mobile devices and Posterous, I too think that it is the way to go to make learning "anywhere" "anytime"! Students' posts could be rss fed into an eportfolio tool where reflection, individualised feedback and feedforward could take place. Posterous supports the best of eLearning ! Merci.

My pleasure Pascale. Thank you for your thought-provoking comment.

Mr Dale,
I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama with Dr. Strange. It was so helpful the way you went through all the steps necessary to make blogging with Posterous easy. This will be very helpful in keeping my students informed once I get out and start teaching students of my own. I especially like how easy it would be to get students involved in the actual content posted on the blog, I'm sure that this gets the kids excited and makes them feel like more of a contributor to their education. Again, I do appreciate the information that you have shared and please feel free to follow my blog at or our class blog at

Thanks for your new comment Jordan. I'm delighted you found this post useful and it has inspired you to start blogging with your prospective students when you become a teacher. That's great news!

Hi ykombi,

I suggest you tell them that Posterous can be password-protected and you can moderate posts and comments if they wish. Hopefully that should convince them.

Good luck


My name is Courtney Mathis and I am in Dr.Strange's EDM310 class. This semester in his class is the first time that I have even used blogging. I have really enjoyed learning how to manage my blog, and visit and subscribe to others blogs also. Your way of teaching others how to blog is great! You make it so simple, that you are correct, "if you can e-mail then you can blog". I love how you went step by step and explained each step in detail. If anyone is interested in starting a blog, you are the person they need to talk to!

Hi Courtney,

Thanks for your kind comments. I honestly believe Posterous is the tool we've all been waiting for. There's now no excuse not to publish pupils' work on the net (parental permission permitting.

Posterous has made blogging accessible to anyone who can send an email.

I hope more teachers have the courage and can find the time to give Posterous a go. I think their pupils would love it.

Hello Joe,

My name is Hillary Rolin and I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. This blog seems so helpful to any teacher who wants to create a blog, but isn't sure how! Blogging is such a great resource for teacher, but I think many can be intimidated by it. This post is definitely a solution to that intimidation. I will definitely pass it on to any teachers I meet and will have to visit it again when I get my own classroom! Keep up the great work!


You can visit my blog here.

Hi Hillary,

Thank you for your encouragement. I'm delighted you liked this post. I included all the step to step instructions for the very reason you highlight e.g to help teachers to start to blog. Thanks for spreading the word!

Great write up! I'm on the marketing team on Posterous and we're looking for great examples of educators using Posterous to be added to our Examples page. If any educators would like to be added, use this form:


Thanks for your comment Ryan. Much appreciated.

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